Lolo National Forest

American Park Network to Plant Trees on Behalf of State Park Directors

September 1, 2011, 2:58 pm

As the Official Green Sponsor of the National Association of State Park Directors (NASPD) conference, American Park Network will fund the planting of trees to help offset the carbon footprint of the 2011 conference.

Through an innovative partnership with the National Forest Foundation, American Park Network will fund the planting and care of one tree for each conference attendee.

The trees will be planted in Lolo National Forest, in northwestern Montata, to help recover the area burned in the 2007 Chippy Creek Fire.

About Lolo National Forest
Lolo National Forest is a wild and amazing place, which covers 2 million acres in the heart of the northern Rocky Mountains of Western Montana. The Lolo has 700 miles of hiking trails and hundreds of miles of trout streams. It encompasses four Wilderness areas, and its watersheds are the source for much of the Columbia River, providing water resources for millions downstream, including drinking water, fishing streams, lakes and recreation. The forest is home to abundant wildlife, including wolves, grizzly bears, mountain lions elk and deer.

The 2007 Chippy Creek Fire decimated 150 square miles of the northern part of Lolo National Forest. The overall reforestation project is slated for Spring 2012. It will help restore about 90,000 ponderosa pine, western larch, and Douglas fir trees to 300 acres of the forest. In addition to restoring critical wildlife habitat and recreation opportunities, as well as providing clean water, these trees will sequester carbon as they grow.

About American Park Network
American Park Network publishes a series of guides to the most visited national parks and public lands in the nation, including a guide to the Black Hills, Badlands & Mount Rushmore. With a 25-year history, their ubiquitous little green Oh, Ranger!® guides are read by more than 20 million park enthusiasts each year. American Park Network is committed to education and sustainability, and is the world’s first carbon-free publisher. American Park Network also publishes, which hosts an online, searchable database of more than 6,000 parks and public lands and powers the free Oh, Ranger! ParkFinderTM mobile app.