D&R Greenway Land Trust's Sourlands Ecosystem Preserve

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D&R Greenway Land Trust's Sourlands Ecosystem Preserve

New Jersey


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7 miles of trail, easy.  The property is part of the larger Sourland Mountain Ecosystem of 90 square miles and 20,000 forested acres.  There are about seven miles of trails in the preserve, including the Northern Stony Brook (2.5 miles), Picnic Rock (1.7 miles), Double Crossing (1.1 miles), Featherbed Meadows West (0.75 miles) and Sourlands Foothills (1.1 miles) trail networks.  The preserve provides spring and summer breeding habitat for over 70 species of migrant neotropical birds, and habitat for rare medicinal plants once cherished by Native Americans, including bloodroot, black cohosh and Virginia snakeroot.  Along the trail, you’ll pass through floodplain forest, young woodlands and open meadows.  In the spring, the preserve contains vernal pools, where frog, toad and salamander tadpoles hatch and grow.  The headwaters of the Stony Brook are another important freshwater habitat in the Sourlands.  

Click here to open their Sourlands Ecosystem brochure, with information about the preserve’s wildlife, history and a map of the trail network: http://drgreenway.org/Documents/Sourlands%20Brochure.pdf