Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park

Park Regulations

You can make the most of your visit to Acadia by planning ahead and becoming acquainted with some simple safety precautions and park rules.


Please review and observe the following tips, which are designed to enhance your safety and enjoyment.

Shoreline Exploring

Exercise caution along Acadia’s rocky shoreline. Loose gravel on rocks creates dangerous footing. Wet rocks are slippery and a sudden wave can sweep the unsuspecting sightseer into the sea.


Winter poses additional safety problems. Pay attention to weather forecasts and know and respect your own limits. Prolonged exposure to extreme cold can lead to tissue damage. To protect against frostbite while cross-country skiing or winter camping, dress warmly and bring along extra layers. Protect your extremities: fingers, toes, ears and nose. Avoid tight clothing and boots that constrict blood flow. If you notice a small white patch forming on your skin, seek shelter immediately and slowly re-warm the affected area by immersing it in warm water (104 -108°F).

Hiking Safety Tips

• Be prepared. Carry a trail map, wristwatch, knife, matches, flashlight, water, food, insect repellent, rain gear and a first-aid kit.

• Hike with a partner and leave an itinerary with a responsible person, or on the dashboard of your vehicle.

• Stay on the trail so you won’t get lost.

• If you become lost, exhausted or injured, stay calm and stay on the trail. Ask passing hikers for assistance. Do not bushwhack or travel in darkness. Should evening fall, you are better off staying where you are and waiting for help to arrive.

• While some trails can be comfortably hiked in sneakers, sturdy hiking shoes are recommended, especially for steep ascents such as Champlain Mountain’s Precipice Trail.

• To prevent blisters—the most common ailment on the trail—wear comfortable shoes and quality outdoor socks to cushion and protect your feet.


Because of Maine’s fickle weather, dress in layers and bring rain gear. This is not only for comfort but also to prevent hypothermia. This potentially fatal condition occurs when the body loses heat faster than it can generate it. Skiers and winter campers are not the only ones who are at risk for hypothermia. Being tired or wet on a breezy summer day can also bring on the condition. If you find yourself or a member of your party shivering uncontrollably and acting disoriented, seek shelter immediately, remove all wet clothing, wrap them in a blanket and drink warm, nonalcoholic liquids. Serious cases of hypothermia require prompt medical treatment.


For your safety, and to protect Acadia’s treasures, please read and follow all NPS regulations. Complete regulations are available at any park visitor center.


Accidents must be reported to park rangers if they involve personal injury or property damage.


Bicycles are permitted on all paved park roads (including Park Loop Road) and Acadia’s network of carriage roads, except those private carriage roads marked with signs posted by the Green Rock Company. Bicycles are not allowed on hiking trails.


Only camp in designated campsites at Blackwoods, Seawall and Isle au Haut campgrounds.

Fire & Firewood

Gathering dead and downed wood within the campgrounds is prohibited. Take wood from park-provided woodpiles only. Only build fires in designated fire rings or fireplaces in campgrounds and picnic areas.

Weapons & Fireworks

Firearms regulations vary by park. Check with the National Park Service or the park you plan to visit before your trip for most up-to-date information.
The possession or use of firecrackers or fireworks is prohibited.

Hunting & Fishing

Hunting and trapping are prohibited. Fishing is permitted in accordance with Maine state law. A state license is required for freshwater fishing. Licenses cannot be purchased in the park, but are available at some town offices and hardware stores.


Pets must always be on leashes that can be no longer than six feet. They are allowed in all park locations except Duck Harbor Campground on Isle au Haut, Wild Gardens of Acadia at Sieur de Monts, hiking trails that require iron rungs or ladders, park buildings and on ranger-led programs. Dogs are allowed on Echo Lake Beach and Sand Beach only between September 16 and May 14.


Drive safely and wear your seat belt. The speed limit is 35 mph in the park unless otherwise noted. All-terrain vehicles are prohibited. All motorized vehicles are prohibited on park trails and carriage roads.

Keep Wildlife Wild

Don’t feed, chase or harass wildlife.

Take Only Pictures

The possession, destruction, removal or disturbance of park property or natural and cultural resources is prohibited.