Captain Cook State Recreation Area

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Captain Cook State Recreation Area


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Captain Cook State Recreation Area offers a peaceful setting of forests, lakes, streams and saltwater beaches. From canoeing and boating on Stormy Lake to beachcombing on Cook Inlet's tide-swept shores, bird watching, berry picking, and wildlife observation, the opportunities are endless.

Map of Captain Cook State Rec. Area (AK)

Latitude, Longitude: 60.781960, -151.075745



  • Boating

    Be wary of boating too close to swimmers in Stormy Lake. Boating in Cook Inlet is not recommended.

  • Camping

    Camping is permitted.

  • Fishing

    Anglers may enjoy fishing for rainbow trout and silver salmon in Swanson River as well as rainbows and arctic char in Stormy Lake. Current fishing regulations will give complete information on seasons and limits.

  • Hiking

    Be careful walking on the mudflats. The tide can move in four times faster than you can run.

  • Historic Sites

    This state recreation area is named for Captain James Cook, the famous English mariner, who in 1778 explored what is now known as Cook Inlet. At that time the area was occupied by Taniana Indians who harvested seasonal runs of salmon and other wild foods. Remains of Taniana house pits are evidence of the Indians' earlier presence. In recent years the beach area has been used for commercial fishing with beach set-nets.

  • Hunting

    Bow hunting is permitted in the recreation area during open season. Please check current game regulations.

  • Off Highway Vehicles

    Motor vehicles are restricted to roads and parking lots to avoid destruction of vegetation and wildlife habitat. All-terrain vehicles, including three-wheelers, are allowed ONLY in designated areas.

  • Picnicking

    Picnicking is available in the recreation area.

  • RVing

    RV's are welcome and can find parking.

  • Water Sports

    Swimming is a popular activity in both Stormy Lake and Cook's Inlet.

  • Winter Sports

    Snow machines are permitted, except on ski trails, when the snow depth is sufficient to protect vegetation. Winter visitors enjoy ice fishing on Stormy Lake.


Be careful swimming in the cold water. There is no lifeguard on duty.



The recreation area can be reached by driving 25 miles north of Kenai on the North Kenai Road to milepost 36.

Phone Numbers


(907) 262-5581