Entry Cove State Marine Park

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Entry Cove State Marine Park


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Forested uplands of spruce and hemlock, interspersed by muskeg, surround a small cove and lagoon at Entry Cove State Marine Park. A natural arch located on the east shore of the cove, and a beautiful view of Tebenkof Glacier, can be seen from the camp area. During moderate and low tide cycles, some people camp on the sand spit that attaches the Pigot Point Island.

Map of Entry Cove State Marine Park (AK)

Latitude, Longitude: 60.808970, -148.367422



  • Boating

    Near the cove entrance is good anchorage on northwind days but is generally not used overnight because of variable winds out of Blackstone Bay. The lagoon is a good site for clamming, but the entrance is shallow and can only be accessed by small boats on full high tide. This site is used by larger groups of kayakers.

  • Camping

    Just east of the entrance to the lagoon, above the gravel beach, are sites for about 10 tents on beach gravel between the trees.



2 miles east of Decision Point on the northeast corner where Passage Canal and Port Wells meet. No road access.

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(907) 262-5581