Ninilchik State Recreation Area

Map of Ninilchik State Rec. Area (AK)

Latitude, Longitude: 60.048818, -151.666431


Sorry, this is NOT a Map of Ninilchik State Rec. Area. It is a map that shows where it is (latitude & longitude, that is), how to get there, and streets/satellite/terrain of the vicinity. But to be a map OF the State Rec Area it has to show its features: at a bare minimum the boundaries, campgrounds, and parking areas, roads AND trails, and preferably also individual campsites, info kiosk locations, pay box locations, amenities, etc.

So I'm still looking for a map that will tell me these things...

Hi thinkscott,

Thanks for your comment. The state of Alaska currently does not provide a map of the boundaries of the park. However, this Alaska State Parks website provides links to the kinds of maps that are offered, including a location map, campground maps, and more.

The location map is also available via our mobile app, Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder, and will soon be available on this web page as well.