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Alamosa and Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuges (NWR) are found in the heart of the Colorado's San Luis Valley. Alamosa NWR includes 11,169 acres of wetlands of various depths and sizes located primarily within the Rio Grande flood plain. The natural wet meadows, river oxbows, and riparian corridors support high wildlife diversity including songbirds, water birds, raptors, deer, beaver, and coyotes. The artificially created wetlands on Monte Vista NWR's 14,804 acres are intensively managed to provide habitat for a wide variety of waterfowl and other water birds. Mallards, pintail, teal, and Canada geese are common, as are American avocets, killdeer, white-faced ibis, egrets, and herons. Irrigation canals and wells provide precious water to maintain important wetland habitat. The entire Rocky Mountain population of sandhill cranes migrate biannually through the Monte Vista NWR and the San Luis Valley each year. These cranes collectively spend more time in the San Luis Valley than at their wintering and breeding grounds, making it a crucial migratory stopover for this population. The Monte Vista Crane Festival is held annually in early March to celebrate the return of the cranes. The Refuge and the surrounding area in the National Forests and National Park provide many recreational activities for the adventure seeker.

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Latitude, Longitude: 37.400165, -105.758171



  • Auto/Motorcycle

    Popular scenic byways in the area are the Los Caminos Antigos Byway, The Silver Thread Byway, and The Highway of Legends.

  • Hiking

    The surrounding area in Great Sand Dunes National Park and the National Forests have numerous trails for hikers of all abilities.

  • Hunting

    All Federal and State hunting regulations apply. Hunters must possess all applicable Federal and State licenses. The Refuges are open daily from sunrise to sunset. Hunting hours follow those set in the Colorado State hunting regulations. Only waterfowl and small game hunting are permitted on a portion of each Refuge according to State regulations and the following special Refuge regulations. All hunting on both Refuges is permitted only during waterfowl season as set by Federal and State regulations. It is the Refuge's desire to prevent violations rather than to prosecute violators. Please respect other hunters who may be hunting in close proximity to you. Please handle firearms carefully. The cooperation of all sportsmen is respectfully requested. When in doubt about any of the hunting regulations, please contact a Refuge officer.


Outdoor activities are available year-round.



The headquarters for both Refuges is located at Alamosa NWR, 4 miles east of the town of Alamosa, Colorado, on Highway 160 and 2 miles south on El Rancho Lane. Monte Vista NWR is located 6 miles south of the town of Monte Vista on Highway 15.


Colorado Springs, CO and Santa Fe, NM are the closest large cities.

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(719) 589-4021