Resolve to Go Green in 2009

January 12, 2009, 1:21 pm

Thanks to an increased level of environmental awareness and some great new programs and products, going green is easier than ever! Here are some small changes you can make in your everyday life that will make a big difference on the environment:

Recycle your electronics: Instead of tossing old gadgets, eCycle them! Check with your mobile phone manufacturer or service provider for more about their recycling programs. Find out more about where to recycle other types electronics.

Bring your own bag: Disposable bags take a toll on the environment; resolve to bring your own! Take it from us: it can be difficult to remember to bring your reusable bag each time you go to the store. That’s why we love ChicoBags, which stuff into an integrated pouch and can easily be carried with you.

Buy energy-efficient appliances: When shopping for electronics and appliances, look for the ENERGY STAR seal. ENERGY STAR products incorporate advanced technologies that use 10–50% less energy and water than standard models. Resolve to save money and the environment!

Get a reusable coffee mug: Instead of taking your favorite cup of coffee in a to-go cup, bring along a reusable mug. Some coffee shops will even offer discounts to patrons who bring their own cups!

Look out for energy vampires: Your electronics and adaptors may be sucking energy even when they’re not in use! According to the EPA, Americans spend more than $10 billion each year to power devices while they are off or in standby mode. Do your part by unplugging power adapters or battery chargers when you’re done using them. A power strip that can be switched off when electronics and appliances are not in use will help you keep your resolution.

Teach your children well:
Talk to your kids about going green. Make learning about energy efficiency fun at the EPA’s kid-friendly site, where kids can play games and use interactive tools to learn about global warming and energy conservation.

For more tips on going green, and to calculate your carbon footprint, visit our Keep It Green page.