Southern Pies – Tasty Recipes from Key Lime to Coconut Cream

January 14, 2011, 12:43 pm

We love pies, and we especially love those that incorporate fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, which is what drew us to Southern Pies, a from author Nancie McDermott, which includes more than 60 recipes for both old-school and new-fangled pies, straight out of the South.

Ask any pie-lover --- the words “southern” and “pie” go together like sweet ripe peaches and buttery-golden piecrust. But behind those cloudlike meringue peaks and luscious butterscotch fillings lies a sweet, rich history and a bounty of recipes for simple, everyday home baking.

Author Nancie McDermott not only shares genuine recipes, but also a heaping portion of culinary history, local color and practical magic for making these wonderful Southern desserts in your everyday home kitchen.

The recipes stay true to the delicious traditions of Southern baking, and range from traditional treats like Buttermilk Pie and Coconut Cream Pie, to newcomers like Peach Pecan Pie and Spicy Peanut Pie. Take a sweet-tooth inspired tour of the South via heirloom recipes for regional treasures from the Blue Ridge mountains (Surry County Peach Sonker) to Georgia’s Sea Islands (Sapelo Island Pear Pie), and from Kentucky (Shaker Lemon Pie) to Florida (Key Lime Pie). Stir up seasonal pleasures, from springtime’s Strawberry-Rhubarb Lattice Pie to summer’s Blackberry Cobbler, and autumn’s Muscadine Grape Hull Pie.

With a piecrust chapter, a glossary of traditional Southern ingredients, and notes on useful tools and classic techniques, Southern Pies is a sweet and worthy essential for your kitchen bookshelf. Grab your copy on