Allegheny National Forest

Allegheny Islands Wilderness

Seven islands in the Allegheny River, totalling 368 acres, are part of the Allegheny Islands Wilderness. All are alluvial in origin, which means they were formed by water-carried deposits of sand, mud and clay. They are characterized by river bottom forest trees such as willow, sycamore and silver maple. The islands are located between Buckaloons Recreation Area and Tionesta, PA. They are:

* Crull's Island (96 acres) has large old river bottom trees.
* Thompson/s Island (67 acres) The only Revolutionary War battle in northwestern Pennsylvania occurred on this island. It has an exceptionally fine riverine forest.
* R. Thompson's Island (30 acres)
* Courson Island (62 acres) The island may be viewed from the Tidioute Overlook.
* King Island (36 acres) has good riverine forest with many trees 35-50 inches in diameter.
* Baker Island (67 acres) stood in the path of one of the two tornadoes which crossed the Forest on May 31, 1985. Most of the trees were blown over in the storm.
* No Name Island (10 acres) is about half river-bottom trees and half dense undergrowth.

Nearby Recreation: Camping is available at Buckaloons Recreation Area, 15 miles west of Warren, PA.

One of the best known rivers in the area, the Allegheny, has 85 miles that have been designated for recreational status under the National Wild & Scenic Rivers Act. Canoeing the Allegheny offers a placid float trip.

Camping is permissible on any National Forest Island unless otherwise posted, however, no facilities are offered. Many of the islands in the Allegheny River are privately owned; before camping, check ownership. Before entering private land, obtain permission from property owners.

Volunteers: If you, and a friend, or club are interested in volunteering to help maintain the trails in the wilderness, please contact us.

Customer service: Facilities are available about 15 miles away in Sheffield, offering food and gasoline. Warren, 15 miles away, offers a full range of services. Tidioute and Tionesta, both located on US 62, also offer food, gasoline and limited lodging.