American Memorial Park

Planning Your Visit


Recommended Activities and Park Use

Suggested activities include: walking, jogging, or cycling along the path from Micro Beach; visiting the Carillon Belltower, U.S. Memorial Court of Honor, Smiling Cove Marina, and various historic and cultural sites; picnicking and barbecuing at designated areas; playing tennis or other sports; relaxing on the beach or picnic areas; observing plants, birds, and flowers in the wetlands and mangrove forest; and attending a special event or activity, such as the Flametree Festival, Liberation Festival, or a beach clean up.

Basic Visit Recommendations

Set aside one or two hours to visit the park. Starting from Micro Beach Pavilion, walk along the path and stop at the Carillon Belltower, U.S. Court of Honor and Flag Circle, Smiling Cove Marina, and other historic and cultural sites. Spend an hour enjoying the birds, trees, and plants in the wetland and mangrove forest (it can be very muddy, so wear boots). Or spend time playing tennis, relaxing at Micro Beach, or having a picnic.

Special Events and Programs

National Park Week, Environmental Awareness Week, the Liberation Festival, the Flametree Arts Festival, and other annual events frequent the park. See the Calendar of Events for current listings. Interpretive programs on war history, natural history, wetlands, birding, and ranger careers are available upon request.

Adjacent Visitor Attractions

Micro Beach is one of the finest windsurfing beaches in the Marianas. At Smiling Cove Marina, visitors can enjoy boat rides to Managaha Island and sunset cruises. Within walking distance is the tourist district of Garapan, full of souvenir shops and restaurants.

Lodging Facilities

The park mostly accommodates day-use visitation. More than 10 hotels (of varying price ranges) are within easy walking distance of the park.

Food and Supplies

There are numerous shops and restaurants within walking distance from the park in Central Garapan. A small convenience store is located at Outer Cove Marina.

Other Concessions and NPS-Managed Visitor Facilities and Opportunities

There are four night-lighted tennis courts open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. There are also field sport areas, picnic sites, and a children's playground on the premises.


Smiling Cove recreational pleasure boat marina is managed in cooperation with the CNMI Division of Fish & Wildlife. Currently under construction, the Outer Cove Marina includes a fuel dock and a mini market.

Visitor Impacts

Please help protect our historic, cultural, and natural resources. Please do not disturb, remove, or damage them. They are protected under Federal and Commonwealth law. Do not disturb or remove any World War II ammunition that you find on or off shore. Inform a ranger about its location so it can be removed by qualified personnel.

Things To Do

Visitor Center and Exhibits

For information, visit the ranger's station in the amphitheater pavilion complex.

U.S. Memorial Court of Honor and Flag Circle

Etched into stone plaques are the names of more than 5,000 military personnel who gave their lives during the Marianas WWII Campaign. The Memorial surrounds the tall American flag, flanked by the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force flags.

Carillon Belltower

The Carillon Belltower is dedicated to the American and Northern Marianas people who died during World War II. In their remembrance, bells chime every half-hour from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Historic Sites

The park contains many remnant structures from World War II. Scattered throughout the park are Japanese pillboxes, buildings, fuel storage tanks, bunkers, and a bathhouse/garden complex. There is also a Chamorro Latte Stone near the park entrance where Beach Road ends.

Cultural Sites

The first Carolinian village site is marked by a wayside exhibit at Micro Beach.

Wetland Mangrove Forest

The 30-acre wetland and mangrove forest is a remnant ecosystem habitat of the Northern Marianas. The wetlands contain numerous species of plants, trees, flowers, and birds, including the endangered Nightingale Reed-Warbler. The adjacent mudflats are an important migratory bird site.

Trails and Roads

A picturesque bike and walking path runs from Micro Beach, past the Court of Honor and Flag Circle and Smiling Cove Marina, and ends at the Puerto Rico landfill. All areas of the park are accessible by paved or well-groomed roads and trails.

Programs and Activities

A modern 1,200-seat outdoor amphitheater complex and other facilities host a variety of special events. Wetland, bird watching, and educational tours are available by making advanced arrangements with the National Park Service.

Amphitheater Stage and Pavilion Complex

Built to hold large events and ceremonies, this outdoor amphitheater consists of a 4,000-square foot stage, bleacher and berm seating for 1,200 people, overhead lighting, restrooms, a 150-car parking lot, and adjacent grassy areas. Use of the amphitheater requires a special use permit. Applications may be submitted to the NPS office. There are no user fees, but a refundable security deposit is required for all events.

Children's Playground

A jungle gym with slides and swingsets is located near scenic Punton Muchot (Micro Beach Point), adjacent to the old Carolinian village site. From the playground are panoramic views of the lagoon and Managaha Island. The playground was donated by the Saipan Rotary Club in 1997. This site always remains open to the public (i.e. can not be reserved for exclusive events).

Micro Beach

Micro Beach is one of the finest white sand beaches in Saipan. Overlooking the beautiful island of Managaha, Micro Beach is always filled with kayakers, swimmers, sunbathers, and windsurfers. Historically, it was the site of the first Carolinian village. Before heading out to sea, navigators would come to this area to interpret the stars before heading out to sea. Presently, locals and tourists alike enjoy the fine white sand and crystal blue waters of Micro Beach.

Micro Beach Pavilion

Micro Beach Pavilion is a 1,200-square foot structure, located adjacent to the Micro Beach parking area, along the beach. It is a popular spot for local fiestas and barbecues, since it is large, sheltered, and contains benches, a barbecue pit, and a nearby grassy area. The pavilion is complemented by the native plant "Beach Morning Glory" (Ipomoea pes-caprae) and Agatelang (Eugenia palumbis) planted by Upward Bound students and other volunteers. The pavilion does not have electrical power at this time. Use of the pavilion requires a special use permit.


The 1.2-mile scenic pathway stretches from the Micro Beach Pavilion to the Puerto Rico landfill. Several historic structures can be seen along the path, including World War II Japanese pillboxes, bunkers, and fuel storage tanks. Activities permitted on the pathway include walking, jogging, bicycling, rollerblading, and skateboarding. Motorized vehicles are not permitted on any of the Park pathways at any time.

Picnic & Barbecue Sites

There are several picnic tables and barbecue pits along the pathway, near Micro Beach and the children's playground, and next to the sports fields. They are available to the public on a first-come first-serve basis. All fires must be contained in barbecue pits off the ground and away from vegetation. Please try to keep the area litter free by throwing away all trash in the receptacles provided.

Smiling Cove Marina

There is a 70-slip marina for 20 to 45 foot pleasure boats. The marina is managed by the CNMI Division of Fish & Wildlife (DFW), Marine Operations Division in cooperation with the National Park Service. From here, tour boats depart for watersports activities, Managaha Island (a reef islet 1.5 miles from Saipan), and sunset cruises. The marina was built for private recreational use. Facilities include a parking lot, boat ramp, weigh station, docks, and restrooms. The National Park Service is responsible for activities on marina land, while DFW is responsible for managing the docks, water areas and operations. To contact the Marina Manager, please call Ph.(670) 233-1679.

Outer Cove Marina

A 45-slip commercial boat marina for 25 to 100 foot boats is located at the northeastern outer cove peninsula. The marina is managed by the Marine Revitalization Corporation through a concession agreement with the National Park Service. Planned improvements include restrooms, a fueling station, a bilge pump, paved parking, picnic shelters, and a mini-mart.

Softball Field/Centerfield

A ball field, several open grassy areas, and picnic tables are available for sports tournaments, fairs, and other community events. A special use permit is required for use.

Tennis Court Complex

Four tennis courts are open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. Other complex facilities include restrooms, parking, an office, and night lighting. Volunteers from the tennis community help operate the courts; while the Marianas Visitors Bureau maintains the landscaping. Chewing gum, chewing betel nut, smoking, rollerblading, bicycling, bare feet, boots, and slippers are not permitted on the tennis courts. Group use of the complex requires a special use permit.

Operating Hours & Seasons

Facilities are open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Visitor Center is opened Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. through 5 p.m., except on Thursday when it is open until 8 p.m. to coincide with the street market on Coral Tree Avenue. The Visitor Center is closed on Monday.

The Carillon Belltower is dedicated to the American and Northern Marianas people who died during World War II. In their remembrance, bells chime every half-hour from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

There are four night-lighted tennis courts open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. There are also field sport areas, picnic sites, and a children's playground on the premises.

Fees & Reservations

There are currently no fees for non-commercial use of the park.

Special use permits are required for groups of 25 or more, and for commercial use of the amphitheater, Micro Beach pavilion, sports fields, and tennis courts.


Getting There

The park is centrally located along the western shoreline of Saipan, adjacent to downtown Garapan.

Traveling from the airport, proceed north on Airport Road (Tun Herman Pan Highway) until the Road ends at Monsignor Guerrero Road (16 Highway). Turn left on Monsignor Guerrero Road, and continue until the Road ends at Beach Road. Turn right on to Beach Road, and keep going until the road ends at the park's mall entrance. You will see a sign for American Memorial Park in front of you, and the U.S. Memorial Court of Honor and Flag Circle in the distance. Turn left on to Micro Beach Road, and you will see the red-tiled roof of the Amphitheater Pavilion and Ranger's Station to your right. You may park there, or continue along the road to Micro Beach. There are several parking spots available in front of Micro Beach Pavilion, and alongside the baseball field and walking path.


The park is within easy walking distance from hotels in Garapan's tourist district. From other locations, the park can easily be reached by taxi, rental car, or tourist shuttle bus.