Aniakchak National Monument & Preserve

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Contact Us Write to Aniakchak National Monument & Preserve #1 King Salmon Mall P.O. Box 245 King Salmon, AK 99613 Phone Visitor Information (907) 246-3305 Fax (907) ...

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Management Management Created in 1916, the National Park Service manages over 385 different units and each unit preserves a unique story related to natural and cultural resources that have shaped our country. The mission is to preserve unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the national park system for ...

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Frequently Asked Questions     Frequently Asked Questions How do I get to Aniakchak? Aniakchak is inaccessible by road and must be either flown or boated to. Aniakchak may be directly accessed via air taxi flights chartered from King Salmon, AK and other nearby small towns and villages. Air charters can land you at Meshik Lake, ...