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In preserving the state's rich heritage of plantation life and cotton agriculture, the Plantation Agriculture Museum offers visitors a glimpse of the past. Exhibits and programs interpret the period from Arkansas's admission to the Union in 1836 through World War II when agricultural practices rapidly became mechanized. Tractors, mechanized cotton pickers, and modern chemicals forever replaced the old system of plantation agriculture and small farms.

In the main exhibits gallery, visitors learn about the history of cotton farming in Arkansas. Visitors can see a cotton scale and poise, cotton sacks, and historic photographs of pickers at work. An exhibit on ginning explains how Eli Whitney's idea for a "cotton engine" became what is called a cotton gin today. The exhibit also tells how a cotton gin works. Several outdoor exhibits, including large, portable traction engines that likely powered threshers or gins, are also on display.

Interpretive programs and guided tours for groups and schools are available on request.

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    Exhibits and programs interpret the history of cotton agriculture in Arkansas from statehood in 1836 through World War II when agricultural practices quickly became mechanized. Visit the Dortch Gin Exhibit Building and learn how cotton was ginned. Tour the museum and learn about farming life during the Plantation Era.



The museum is at the junction of U.S. 165 and Ark. 161 in Scott. Take Exit #7 off I-440 and go south on U.S. 165 five miles to the museum.

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(501) 961-1409