Arrowwood Wetland Management District

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Arrowwood Wetland Management District

North Dakota

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Arrowwood Wetland Management District (WMD) was established in 1961 as a breeding ground for migratory birds and other wildlife. The District currently includes 28 waterfowl production areas (WPAs) totaling 6,138 acres across Foster and Eddy counties in east-central North Dakota. Within the District, there also are 314 wetland easements protecting 19,046 acres of wetland habitat, four Farmers Home Administration easements, and one easement Refuge (Johnson Lake National Wildlife Refuge). A brochure and map are available showing the location of individual units within the District. WPAs offer many opportunities for wildlife observation, hiking, hunting, photography, winter sports (cross-country skiing), and education and interpretation for organized groups. Wildlife species often observed on the WPAs include a variety of waterfowl, upland game birds, songbirds, birds of prey, deer, and numerous fur bearers.

Map of Arrowwood Wetland Management District

Latitude, Longitude: 47.254534, -98.859959



  • Boating

    Motorized watercraft are prohibited.

  • Fishing

    The deeper, more permanent lakes may hold northern pike, yellow perch and bullhead during high water years.

  • Hunting

    Waterfowl hunting is very popular in the District. Giant Canada geese, mallard, pintail, teal, gadwall, shoveler and redhead are common local nesting birds. Upland game birds commonly hunted are pheasants, sharptail grouse, and Hungarian or gray partridge. Whitetail deer are common throughout the District and hunters enjoy a very high success rate.



The District headquarters is located at Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge, 26 miles north of Jamestown and about 23 miles south of Carrington. From Jamestown, travel north on Highway 281 approximately 26 miles to Edmunds, then turn east and travel 5.5 miles on County Road 44 to the headquarters road. Turn north to the headquarters. From Carrington, travel south on Highway 281 to Edmunds. Turn east on County Road 44 for 5.5 miles, and turn north on the headquarters road. There are signs on Highway 281 and County Road 44 directing visitors to the headquarters.

Phone Numbers


(701) 285-3341