Bamforth National Wildlife Refuge

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Bamforth National Wildlife Refuge


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Note: This Refuge is closed to the public.

Bamforth National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1932 and is located in the southern part of Albany County, Wyoming. The Refuge consists of 1,116-acres on three separate parcels of land interspersed with private and state land. Bamforth Lake, located a the bottom of a basin, is mostly state owned with approximately 100-acres of the total 550-acre lake bottom acres under Refuge control. The remainder of the Refuge is dominated by a greasewood and grassland upland and alkali flats. A variety of migratory birds use the Refuge wetlands, including American white pelicans, California gulls, double-crested cormorants, black-crowned night herons, American avocets, and snowy egrets. Many songbirds can be observed in the greasewood/grassland areas including western meadowlarks, vesper sparrows, horned larks, brown-headed cowbirds, and Brewer's sparrows. The two main habitats of the Refuge are greasewood/grassland upland and alkali flats and marsh and water areas.

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Latitude, Longitude: 41.387370, -105.743752


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(970) 723-8202