Bandelier National Monument

Bandelier National Monument

Park Regulations & Safety

Non-commercial Organized Groups

Groups and organizations that are non-commercial, and do not qualify for an educational fee waiver (churches, school clubs, scout troops, and other organizations), must complete a group reservation. Click here for a registration form:

Fee: $6.00 per person (aged 16 and older).
All valid federal passes honored (e.g. National Park, Golden Age, Senior, etc.).

For those groups arriving by bus, click here for information on special bus parking procedures.

For those groups arriving by bus, please see the following information on special bus parking procedures:

All buses MUST park at the amphitheater parking lot at Juniper Campground after unloading their passengers at the Visitor Center (click here for parking maps).

Buses may remain no longer than 10 minutes, and idle no longer than 5 minutes, at the Visitor Center while loading or unloading passengers.

Because the Visitor Center and bus parking area are three miles apart, drivers, tour guides, and passengers should be aware of the following:

  • Groups and drivers must pre-arrange a pick-up time for the bus to return to the Visitor Center.
  • Passengers should remove from the bus any items they might want during their visit in Frijoles Canyon.
  • Groups bringing lunches should contact the Visitor Center staff for storage options.
  • Bus drivers should be self-sufficient at the amphitheater parking area. Restrooms and a public telephone are available nearby, in the campground.
  • Buses may NOT idle in the amphitheater parking lot.
  • Buses may NOT use the dump station.


  • School groups may not have more than one bus, and/or a total of 65 students in the park at one time. Groups with permission to have more than 1 bus must stagger their arrival and departure time by 10-15 minutes.
  • In the event of an emergency that necessitates leaving before the pre-arranged time, the group leader should contact the Visitor Center. If staffing permits, an attempt will be made to get a message to the bus driver.

For maps related to bus parking and dropping off of passengers click here.


Special Use Permit

A Special Use Permit may be required for activities such as:
* Commercial Filming & Photography
* Weddings
* Concerts
* Demonstrations & Protests
At least one month's notice and application for Special Use Permits is required.

The base application fee for a Special Use Permit is $100 and is non-expendable. Additional fees for monitoring, administrative costs, and restoration may apply.

If you are not familiar with Bandelier, a pre-visit is encouraged. The location where the event is to take place needs to be determined before the day of the event. There may be special restrictions in the area that could limit access.

Filming Permit

Filming permits are issued on an individual basis based on the size of the project (movie, commercial, etc.), how many staff are needed for supervision, and how much time will be involved. Additional fees may be required depending on the situation. Call for details.

Incidental Business Permit
Any individual or business leading commercial tours or other commercial enterprises within Bandelier's boundaries need to first have an Incidental Business Permit.

For additional information, call (505) 672-3861 x 533.

Permit Forms

Click on the following link for these permit forms:

These forms may be printed out, completed and mailed to the park. At this time they are not available to fill out online.

Send to:
Special Use Permits Coordinator
Bandelier National Monument
15 Entrance RD
Los Alamos, NM 87544

Your Safety


The weather in the mid-late summer months is sunny and dry, with thunderstorms in the afternoon. During heavy rains flash flooding along rivers and canyon bottoms is always possible. Hikers must always be aware of changing weather conditions and of their surroundings. Watch and listen for changing water levels in creeks as well as falling rocks; move to higher ground. Turn around if unsafe obstacles are encountered.

Frost and chance of snow storms from October through May. Wear layered comfortable sportswear type clothing appropriate for the season, with sturdy walking shoes.

8/30/2007 Bandelier has been experiencing flash floods. Remain cautious along streams and canyon bottoms.

Elevation and Climbing

The elevation in Frijoles Canyon is 6,000 feet and can cause breathing difficulties for some people visiting from lower elevations. Climbing ladders should not be attempted by people with heart problems or severe fear of heights. Children should be accompanied by adults at all times.


Hikers should be aware of the danger posed by wildlife. Enjoy the view but don't get too close. Don't harrass the wildlife, this is their home! Don't feed the wildlife as fed wildlife is more likely to pose a threat to humans.