Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Area

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Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Area



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In the southwestern corner of Washington County, Utah, the Beaver Dam Wash NCA is 63,500 acres of an ecological transition zone between the Mojave desert and the Great Basin. Desert Bighorn Sheep and Mojave desert tortoise find a home in the lower elevation filled with creosote bush, white bursage and other desert shrubs. The slopes of the Beaver Dam Mountains are filled with dense stands of blackbrush and the renowned Joshua trees. Motorized vehicles are restriced to use in the NCA outside of certain designated areas which include the only paved highway in the area, US Highway 91. Currently, the NCA offers no developed recreation facilities; however, the St. George Field Office is working to prepare Management Plan to address recreation uses.  

Map of Beaver Dam Wash NCA

Latitude, Longitude: 37.002050, -113.914948