Beech River Watershed Lakes

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Beech River Watershed Lakes


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Located in the Beech River watershed in Henderson County, Tennessee, the Beech River projects consist of eight dams and seven small lakes that range in size from 140 to 875 acres of surface area. A variety of sport fish, including bass and crappie, inhabit these lakes. Nearby towns include Lexington and Jackson.

The cluster of eight reservoirs provides flood damage reduction, recreational opportunities, and water supply in the Beech River watershed in west Tennessee. The other reservoirs are Cedar, Dogwood, Lost Creek, Pin Oak, Pine, Redbud, and Sycamore. The reservoirs are open to the public, providing opportunities for boating, swimming, and fishing. Backpackers and hikers enjoy the adjacent lands.

In the Beech River area, there are programs to manage game, restock fish populations, construct underwater fish attractors, and enhance the habitat for resident Canada geese. This programs aim to ensure the quality and future of the outdoor experience in the area.

Map of Beech River Watershed Lakes

Latitude, Longitude: 35.662875, -88.417625



  • Boating

    The reservoir has opportunities for boating.

  • Camping

    There is some camping on the banks of Beech Reservoir.

  • Fishing

    Visitors can fish in the reservoir. The predominant species in the reservoir are bluegill, longear sunfish, gizzard shad, and largemouth bass.

  • Hunting

    Hunting is allowed on some of the land around the reservoir. Visitors should contact individual parks for information about hunting regulations and seasons.

  • RVing

    RVs are welcome in some of the campgrounds.

  • Water Sports

    There are opportunities for water sports.


Average summer temperatures range from the high 80s to the low 6s. Winter temperatures range from the 40s to the 20s.



From Jackson, go east on Highway 412 towards Lexington. Beech River Lakes are accessible from 412 on both sides of Lexington.

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(901) 641-2026