Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

In A Nutshell

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to access the Preserve in summer? During the winter?

During the Summer months you can access the Preserve by small fixed wing aircraft and small boats.

The winter season provides other options for accessing the Preserve, small fixed winged aircraft on skis, snowmachine and dog sled.

2. Can I take my ATV/ORV into the Preserve?

No, ATVs and ORVs are not allowed in the Preserve. Other forms of mechanized transportation such as hot air balloons, helicopters or dirt bikes are not allowed as well.

3. Do I need to make a reservation to stay at the Serpentine Hot Springs bunkhouse?

Reservations are not taken for the bunkhouse at Serpentine Hot Springs. Space in the bunkhouse is all first-come, first-served.

4. What does Iyat mean?

Iyat is the traditional name for Serpentine Hot Springs. Iyat is Inupiat for "cooking pot".

5. Are there mountainous areas in Bering Land Bridge National Preserve?

Bering Land Bridge National Preserve has diverse landscapes, tundra, lakes, rivers, lava fields and mountains. One of the highest peaks in the Preserve is an unnamed peak at 3379 ft above sea level in the Bendeleben Mountains on the southern park boundary.


Fees & Reservations

There are no fees or services with-in the park. No reservations are required.


Getting There


The Preserve is vast and access is limited. There are no roads that lead directly into it, and summer access is usually by bush planes and small boats. Winter access is mostly by small planes on skis, by snowmachine, or by dog sleds.

Administrative Offices for Bering Land Bridge National Preserve are located on Front Street in Nome. You must take a commercial airline flight to Nome. The Interpretive Center in Nome offers limited exhibits on the Preserve and Beringia, has an interactive educational computer program, films and offers programs and workshops year round.

A small road system and rental cars are available in Nome. The Preserve is only accessible by the methods listed above from Nome as well.

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