Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park

Chihuahuan Desert Nature Trail

Located 6 miles east of Panther Junction on the road to Rio Grande Village (Dugout Wells Picnic Area), the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Trail is a 0.5 mile flat hike. The trail has various signs explaining the area's plant life. The area is noted for having good birding. There is also a picnic ground nearby.

Please note: The dry desert air quickly uses up the body's water reserves. We recommend that you carry a minimum of one gallon of water per person per day in the summer, slightly less in the winter. For half-day hikes, carry at least 2 quarts per person.

Springs and tinajas (depressions in rock where water collects) are unreliable and may be unsafe to drink. Springs are rare in the desert and wildlife depend on them. Please carry enough water to supply your own needs

Due to the complex topography and vague trails, detailed 7.5 minute topographic maps and a compass are necessary for most hikes.

On a final note, the weather in Big Bend, hot or cold, injures and kills more hikers than any other factor. Come well prepared because weather changes can be dramatic and unexpected.

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Directions from Panther Juntion: Travel 6 miles east on the road to the Rio Grande Village. The trailhead is at the Dugout Wells Picnic Area