Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Just For Kids

Be A Junior Ranger

Bighorn Canyon's Junior Ranger Program is a great way for children, as well as their parents, to experience Bighorn Canyon. By completing several different activities, the whole family will learn about the Yellowtail Dam, the history of the area, and the wide variety of wildlife. The Booklets are available at the Bighorn Canyon Visitor Center in Lovell, Wyoming, the Crooked Creek Contact Station, the Afterbay Contact Station and the Yellowtail Dam Visitor Center in Fort Smith, Montana. When the booklets are filled out, the children can return them to any of the above sites to receive their Junior Ranger badge and become an official Bighorn Canyon Junior Ranger.

For Teachers

Each year more and more teachers are interested in using Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area as a tool to help their students understand the natural world around them.

The Bighorn Canyon curriculum was designed to meet the Wyoming and Montana state standards, which are based on the National standards. Teachers will find several activities for Kindergarten through eighth grade students divided into 2 grade levels. The topics and background information are in the fields of Geology, History, and Life Sciences. Some of the activities are designed as pre-field trip and post-field trip activities while others are designed to stand alone for those teachers that are unable to bring their students to Bighorn Canyon.

We hope that you find the teacher guides helpful. We invite you to adapt each lesson to serve your needs and help you to inspire students to learn about the world around them.

Explore the curriculum materials as listed above. If you need additional information or have questions, contact the park at 307-548-5406.

Curriculum Materials

The teacher team, made up of seven teachers, one principal, and nine Bighorn Canyon employees, developed the curriculum to help teachers share the wonders of Bighorn Canyon with their students. It is our hope that the teacher guide can be used by teachers in the local area as well as teachers around the nation.

A teacher supplemental disc has also been developed. It has character essays, handouts, and photos that can be used to enhance many of the activities in the teacher guide. If you are interested in having one sent to you, please call Christy Fleming at 307-548-5406.