Bighorn National Forest

Burgess Junction Loop

Beginning Elevation: 7,700 Feet (2347 Meters)
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 1,000 Feet (305 Meters)
Ending Elevation: 7,700 Feet (2347 Meters)
High Point: 8,200 Feet (2499 Meters)
Length: 5.0 Miles (8.0 Kilometers)
Recommended Season: Winter
Usage: Moderate
USGS Maps: Skull Ridge

TRAIL BEGINNING: 7,700 ft. One mile north of Arrowhead Lodge.

TRAIL ENDING: 7,700 ft. One mile north of Arrowhead Lodge.

HIGHEST ELEVATION: 8,200 ft. At a point on the trail near the Blue Spruce Lodge.

ATTRACTIONS AND CONSIDERATIONS: A family play area is located art the beginning of the trail near the snowmobile parking area. The visitor will pass near numerous lakes and marshy stream bottoms which are a known winter range for moose. Please use caution so as not to disturb them during this critical time of year.

NARRATIVE: Trail loops through gently rolling hills intermixed with stands of lodgepole pine and open meadows.


Directions from Sheridan: 47 miles northwest of Sheridan, on Interstate 90 and US Hwy. 14 at the snowmobile parking area one mile north of Arrowhead Lodge.