Bighorn National Forest

Hunter Snowmobile Route


TRAIL ENDING: 9,677 ft.

ATTRACTIONS AND CONSIDERATIONS: There can be limited access at lower elevations to the east of Powder Pass during low snow years.

NARRATIVE: Individual trails within the system are not named or numbered, but some are designated with orange diamonds. Some areas on the District are closed to snowmobiling. Check with the District Office for restrictions and best areas. National Forest maps are very useful. At Powder River Pass the end of the trail joins with another district trail. Avalanche hazard area exists in Buffalo Park. Trails are groomed and maintained by the local snowmobile clubs and the resort owners on the mountain.


Directions from Buffalo: 13 miles west of Buffalo, on US Hwy. 15 at Hunter Road or Pines Resort. Ends at Powder River Pass. Unloading and parking areas are located next to US Hwy. 16 at Loaf Mountain overlook Elgin Park, Muddy Creek, Hazelton Road, and Sheep Mountain Road.