Bighorn National Forest

Littlehorn Trail

Beginning Elevation: 9,000 Feet (2743 Meters)
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 4,430 Feet (1350 Meters)
Ending Elevation: 4,570 Feet (1393 Meters)
Length: 18.0 Miles (29.0 Kilometers)
Recommended Season: Summer
Trail Number: #50
Usage: Moderate
USGS Maps: Bald Mountain, Boyd Ridge

TRAIL BEGINNING: 9,000 ft. Sheep Mountain Road

TRAIL ENDING: 4,570 ft. Littlehorn Canyon Road

ATTRACTIONS AND CONSIDERATIONS: The 18 miles of Littlehorn Trail is well marked easy to follow, and maintained annually. This trail is excellent for both backpacking and horse travel. Good campsites and grazing areas for horses. Gradual grade with several areas of steep, winding switchbacks.

NARRATIVE: The Littlehorn Trail winds along most of the upper Little Bighorn River. This trail gives access to a spectrum of recreational opportunities and variety of ecosystems. Camping, photography, fishing, viewing wildlife and scenic mountain panoramas can be enjoyed. Travelers will pass by the unusual Leaky Mountains, where subterranean waters fountain from its limestone cliffs.

Note: Lower portions of the trail, accessed via Littlehorn Canyon Road can be utilized in spring and winter.


Directions from US Hwy. 14A: From US Hwy. 14A take Sheep Mountain Road north two miles to Littlehorn Trailhead.