Bighorn National Forest

Tongue Canyon Trail

Beginning Elevation: 4,200 Feet (1280 Meters)
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 3,600 Feet (1097 Meters)
Ending Elevation: 7,800 Feet (2377 Meters)
Length: 14.0 Miles (22.5 Kilometers)
Recommended Season: Summer
Usage: Moderate
USGS Maps: Dayton South

TRAIL BEGINNING: 4,200 ft. Tongue River Canyon at Sheridan County Picnic Ground.

TRAIL ENDING: 7,800 ft. Burgess Ranger Station.

ATTRACTIONS AND CONSIDERATIONS: The trail takes you up Tongue Canyon, across Sheep Creek and Horse Creek. Side trips include a view of the Box Canyon, an old timber camp (Rockwood) and remnants of the old Tie Flume. One must watch for rattlesnakes at lower elevations, and some poison ivy.

NARRATIVE: Tongue Canyon Trail winds up the canyon where one can view the fast-running water in the river. The trail leaves the river, crosses Sheep Creek and breaks out in the open. From here, one can view the immense expanse of the canyon. The view from the Turkey Creek drainage reveals aspen, lodgepole pine and steamboat Point. Big game winter range. Classified as blue ribbon fishing stream. Trail leaves canyon and goes up to the top of Barres Hill, but one can follow the North Fork of the Tongue River to the Summer Home Road, and on to Burgess Ranger Station. Steepest part is within the first two miles of the trail.


Directions from Sheridan: From Sheridan, take Interstate 90 north to the junction of US Hwy. 14 at Ranchester. Travel to Dayton, and take the Tongue Canyon Road to Sheridan Count y Picnic Ground, where the Tongue Canyon Trail starts.