Bighorn National Forest

Upper Paintrock Lake Campground

Elevation: 9,300 Feet (2899.0 Meters)
Length of Stay: 14 Days
Maximum RV Size: 60 Feet (18.7 Meters) Rough road!
Number of Sites: 4
Reservation Remarks: First come, first serve
Reservation Status: Not Accepted

Four tent sites, drinking water, toilets, fireplaces, tables, no trailer dump. Caution! The road to this area is rough.

Fishing opportunities are abundant. Rainbow trout can be found Upper and Lower Medicine Lodge Lakes and Upper and Lower Paintrock Lakes.

A short distance north is Edelman Trailhead, which leads to numerous lakes and trails in Cloud Peak Wilderness Area. To the south are two trails. 059 goes east into the Wilderness Area and 116 goes south and joins with other trails.

Seasonal Information:
Normal Services Available: July through Mid-September .


Directions from Shell: 17 miles northeast of Shell, on US Highway 14, then 20 miles south on Forest Road 17.