Behind the scenes—President O in Yellowstone

While I wouldn't want the job, being the president definitely has some benefits. I've been to Yellowstone several times and it never was this easy to get to. Air Force One to West Yellowstone or Bozeman (definitely beats the SkyWest service), Apache shuttle to the park. Some great interactions with lots of rangers. In the good old days, they would have brought out bears for some personal interaction. One place where it looks like he got equal treatment was at the Ice Cream store. Both Xanterra and Yellowstone General Stores are super generous with their scoops… always order one size smaller than you want. Besides the entry fee, its definitely one of the best values of the park.

This is a really insightful video that goes much deeper than Obama's trip to the park and is definitely worth watching. He spent a lot of time interacting with NPS and concession staff, as well as visitors. What a stark contrast between him and Dick Cheney, who lives in the shadow of Grand Teton National Park. When Dick came home to Jackson to fish on the Snake River, locals were furious when Secret Servicecut off a couple miles of river around him. It could have been because of his environmental policies in general, but I'm pretty sure it was just sour grapes... what angler wouldn't want to have two miles of pristine river to him or herself.


Truly an insightful video. Encouraged to see our parks heritage is still appreciated, valued, and most of all "preserved" with the help our country's concerned leaders,park staffs,evironmentalists, and dedicated caring American people.