Continental Airlines eliminates Free Meals in Coach and I'm already feeling healthier

I historically have flown Continental Airlines more than any other airline because it's conveniently located a short distance from beautiful Newark, NJ, and easily accessible from midtown airline via New Jersey Transit. For the last several years, I've continued to patronize Continental not only because it has a lot of flights, but also because they offer the most amenities of any airlines flying out of the area. You can actually find pillows and blanketson most flights and they still served food on most flights longer than a few of hours. Free food. Until now.

The carrier announced today that they would begin charging economy class passengers for food on most domestic, Canadian, and some Latin American routes. This follows their announcement that they'll begin charging seats with extra leg room. And with The company that claims to have its own standards, it  really is just marching lock step with industry.

The change in policy ends an era for U.S. airlines as no airlines offer free food in coach class. Not that it tasted good or was good for you, but it filled your belly and gave you one less thing to complain about.

If you're planning a trip to the parks this summer and you're going to fly, you will likely have the same commoditzed service regardless of what airline you fly. Of course there are always exceptions. If I were based in the Pacific Northwest, I'd fly Horizon (and Alaska) Airlines whenever possible. Not only can they get me closer to the parks than many other airlines, they do it on extremely fuel-efficient Q400 turbine powered songbird.  That makes me feel better how I fly. To make me feel better when I fly, Horizon serves local Northwest wine and microbrews at no extra charge. I'd take that over a microwaved hamburger whenever I fly. 

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