Help raise $1,000,000 for Rocky Moutain National Park - Join the Million Mile Challenge today!

Earlier this year, the Rocky Mountain Nature Association, the not-for-profit partner of Rocky Mountain National Park, received an offer it couldn't possibly refuse. An anonymous donor from nearby Estes Park pledged $1 million to the group, an incredibly generous donation that will enable them to further its goals which include publishing educational materials, supporting research and educational program and developing and improving trails within Rocky Mountain National Park.

As is often the case when someone marches out of the woods and offers you a million dollars, there is a catch. The donation is contingent on RMHA raising $1 million in matching funds. Curt Buchholtz, the Executive Director, and his team developed a perfectly targeted campaign—the Million Mile Challenge—to help raise the funds.

The idea is quite simple and anyone can participate. For every mile that you hike, walk, bike, paddle, climb or any other human-powered activity, you pledge  $1 to support the campaign. Not planning on visiting Rocky Mountain National Park this year? No worries…  you can log your miles anywhere in the world and still participate. Just one more reason for you to get off your couch and hit the trail.

The funds will be earmarked to the association's Next Generation Fund, a $10 million endowment that promotes hands-on educational programs for youth in the national park. The Next Generation Fund will permanently sustain programs such as Junior Ranger, the American Conservation Corps, environmental education, and will be used to bring disadvanted youth from Denver and the surrounding areas to the park so that they can experience the benefits of the outdoors firsthand.

We invite you to join the challenge today. The first 100 people that demonstrate that they've participated will be entered to win a pair of Leki Super Makulu hiking poles. Let us know about the organizations that you support so we can assist them, too.