All good things are wild, and free, including the National Parks on June 5 & 6!

As poor economic news persists and the official start of summer less than a week away, many of us are still looking for fun family escapes that will enrich us with memorable experiences without emptying out wallets. The National Park Service is helping to make planning a little easier, extending to its extremely popular free weekend program. On June 5th and June 6th, more than 100 parks will keep their gates open, waving you in and waiving entrance fees. Mark your calendars and plan accordingly. In most places, backcountry camping is free so the well equipped among us can get away for the cost of a tank of gas. With $25 more in my wallet, I'm planning on investing in a set of BPA-free Guyot Squishy bowls.

Be the 100th person to let us know how you are going to use that extra $25 bucks and you could win a free Pelican waterproof case.