August is National S'more Month

August is National S'more Month, and August 10 is National S'more Day! So celebrate by stocking up on some sweet treats and getting outside. Nothing beats toasting marshmallows over the campfire and customizing your own s'more as part of this tasty outdoor tradition.

The website has a great list of the best parks for s'more-making. Here's a sampling of the article:


A summertime rite-of-passage, roasting s’mores around the campfire has been a family tradition since marshmallows found their way onto grocery store shelves in the early 20th century. A camping delicacy, to make a s’more you need three fundamental ingredients: marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. Roast the marshmallow on a stick over the fire, slide it between a sandwich of chocolate and graham crackers, and you’ll be asking for “some more” before you have time to lick the melted goo from your hands.

Since my sister unofficially coined the phrase “raw marshmallow” back in 1986 (no risk of salmonella: a combination of smoke and vacation slothery compel you to eat marshmallows directly from the bag), each year we try mix the s’more up a bit. This summer was strawberry marshmallows on cookies pre-assembled with melted fudge. We even tried peanut butter cups with Girl Scout cookies (pack your EpiPen before trying this one). Whatever your tradition or your s’more recipe, here are some places to get your marshmallow on. After all, August is National S’more Month!

Read the list of parks at

Photo: © 2006 Larry D. Moore