America Recycles Day slated for Nov. 15

The world recently passed the seven billion people mark and demands on the Earth’s natural resources will only continue to be strained as that number increases. Our skyrocketing population in the past century makes it more important than ever that we recycle and reuse as much of our materials as we can.

November 15, 2011 marks the annual America Recycles Day, which got its start back in 1997. The only day dedicated to recycle focuses on action and motivation to make recycling part of everyday life in communities across the country. Go online and take the pledge to learn about and implement recycling in your daily life.

The act of recycling is extremely important, but sharing with your friends and spreading awareness is the best way to pass it on and ensure the earth’s future. Everyone needs to pitch in, so find an event near you to join others in the effort. If you want to start a real recycling revolution, start an event of your own.

Today, electronics are one of the largest offenders in creating waste when they can easily be reused. Your computer, television, cell phone and more can all be salvaged to make new products through eCycling. Don't make these pricey electronics a one-time use product. Extend the life of your old iPod by finding a recycling location near you.

We all know to put the pizza box and milk gallon in the recycling bin, but some of the less obvious household items can be reused and saved from rotting in the dump. Did you know that wine, blue jeans, crayons and hair (YES, hair!), can all recycled? Check out Earth 911 for answers on how to recycle items you may normally chuck but could be putting to good use. Also, search for a location to recycle in your local community.