Gear Review: KEEN Turia

On a recent adventure in Central New York’s Finger Lakes region, I tested the KEEN Turia, a lightweight, comfortable adventure sandal that merges the technology of hiking shoes with the versatility of waterfront footwear. The Turia made it easy to choose a shoe for the varying terrain, where it’s not unusual to hike a trail to waterfall and then immediately head over to the lakefront, where swimming and paddling are popular activities.

These airy, versatile kicks provided traction and support on the trail, while still providing enough coverage to protect my toes from rocks, exposed roots and other bumps in the path.

Then, they seamlessly transitioned to an ideal waterfront shoe—perfect for wading in shallow water before hopping in a canoe or crossing a shallow stream. The outsoles of the Turia are specially designed to provide traction on wet, slick surfaces and the quick-dry fabric of the top of the sandal helps provide lasting comfort. And as an added bonus, the antimicrobial material in the footbed controls the bacteria and fungi that cause odors, stains and product deterioration.

The Turia makes it easy to pack just one pair of shoes for a trip that might otherwise require multiple types of footwear. They’ll take you just about anywhere you’d like to explore.

KEEN Turia; $100 at