Now Streaming: Alaskan Brown Bears Feasting on Salmon!

Watch Katmai’s brown bears from home via two live webcams

It’s now possible to watch the giant brown bears of Alaska from home! Thanks to four new webcams installed at Katmai National Park, anyone with an internet connection can watch a live HD stream of the bears as they fish for salmon at Brooks Falls and swim along the banks of the Brooks River.

The Brooks Falls cam is located on the banks of a five-foot waterfall where as many as 30 bears have been spotted at once as they fish for salmon that are traveling upstream to spawn. Another cam is located at the mouth of Brooks River and the entrance of Naknek Lake, where close to 100 bears in the area go to feast on salmon and raise their young.

The cameras were installed as part of a partnership with, a philanthropic media organization.

So far, we've spotted three bears feasting on salmon at the falls and one bear swimming in the river. What are your favorite sightings?