Camp Foods We Love

Smores camping foodOne of the best parts of an outdoor trip is the grub! What would camping be without roasting marshmallows by the fire or digging into some Sloppy Joes? You gotta get creative with food in the woods. Whether it’s bite-sized snacks or a filling dish, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite camping foods for your next adventure.

Sloppy Joes
This hearty favorite rings true to its name. Eating ground beef mixed in Worcestershire sauce on a bun is definitely sloppy—but that’s part of the fun!

Iron-cooked pies
Place a pie in a cast-iron cooker and lay it on hot coals for a delicious mini treat. The cast iron can withstand the heat without a problem. There’s nothing like a hot pie from the fire. The mouthwatering smell while you wait for the pie to cook is irresistible! Rome’s Pie Iron Designs has cast iron options for pies, waffles and more.   

No campfire session is complete without some s’mores. Chow down on gooey marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate underneath the stars. Does it get any better? See who can make the best s’mores for some friendly competition.

Sometimes the woods can be really damp and cold. A nice bowl of homemade soup or chili goes down smoothly, warming up your bones and melting away any worries. Trust us, everyone will be asking for seconds.

Mini cereals
Remember the adorable mini boxes of cereal? They often come in a variety pack so you can mix different brands for breakfast. Corn Pops AND Apple Jacks? Yes, please!
Corn on the cob & baked potatoes
Wrap either snack in tin foil and stick them in the campfire coals. The natural smoke and heat enhance the flavors, putting the microwave and oven to shame. Remember to be patient because the slow roast takes much longer, but it’s worth the wait.

Instant pudding
Turn dessert into a game! Place prepackaged ingredients of JELL-O pudding into a plastic bag and toss it between campers. The ingredients will begin to mix and, after a few rounds of catch, the pudding is ready. Triple bag it, otherwise you’ll have a pudding war on your hands!

Mini pizzas
You have to make do with the limited ingredients on hand. Camping forces you to get creative while cooking. You’ll be surprised by the yummy concoctions you can muster. Make a mini “pizza” by spreading sauce and cheese on a hamburger bun or English muffin. Have fun with the toppings by adding vegetables or meat. These are especially great for kids.

By Erica Sanderson

Photo Source: Wiki Media Commons, Evan-Amos