Creature Features: Brought to you by Mark Twain

Mark Twain's Book of Animals cover imageDelve into some of Mark Twain’s lesser-known pieces in Mark Twain’s Book of Animals, a compilation of more than 60 pieces Twain wrote about animals during his lifetime.

With stories about jumping frogs, wisecracker blue jays and laughing donkeys, this book reflects Twain’s sense of humor regard for animals. Essays about the treatment of animals also offer a great insight into his role as an early animal welfare advocate.

The stories are whimsical and thoughtful, and offer a great social commentary as well as opportunity to embrace the imaginative side of the animal world. Some in the compilation are familiar, while others are appearing in print for the first time. Beautiful illustrations by engraver Barry Moser help bring the stories to life.

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Image courtesy University of California Press.