Safeguard Your Phones and Tablets

As we all invest in newer technology, cases to maintain our purchases are a must. Whether you’re traveling to work, vacation or to a park near you, you want your electronics to be safe from harm. Here’s an overview of some of the new cases on the market for iPhone, iPad and other smartphones:

Pelican i1705

For those seeking to take their iPad and accessories on the road, the Pelican i1705 provides users with the space to carry an iPad, keyboard and accessories all in one place. A case that contains all of your necessities is a great change of pace from having to worry about separate cases to hold your iPad, keyboard, charger and cords.

Source: PelicanThe case provides superior protection and leaves no fear of tossing it into a backpack or duffle bag. It’s a sense of relief knowing that your iPad isn’t in danger if your bag bumps into a wall or takes a tumble to the ground.

The i1705 is not predicated on a sleek design and can make your iPad and accessories feel like your laptop. A handle, in addition to the case’s strap, would be welcomed too. The bulk and lack of a handle, however, are just small drawbacks on a case that offers superior protection and organization.

Those looking to travel with their iPad, keyboard and a peaceful mind can purchase the case online at Retail priced at $84.95, the case is on sale for $76.46 through February 23.

Chisel: SYSTM by Incase

Source: IncaseThe SYSTM Chisel by Incase utilizes a PORON XRD lining on high-collision areas inside the case. PORON XRD is a foam-like substance designed to absorb impact. It provides superior protection, matching any case on the market. In addition to the high-impact absorption on the interior, a hard exterior adds a layer of security to prepare your phone for drops, bumps and crashes. Even taking a tumble down a ski hill, Chisel makes your phone feel safe and secure in your pocket.

Superior protection does mean some bulk. While the SYSTM cases are slightly sleeker than some other high-protection options, they still may not be ideal for everyday use. If you don’t want your phone feeling big in your pocket, then you might consider having a medley of options. For those high-impact times, however, a SYSTM case is hard to match and can withstand a beating while keeping your phone sheltered.

The SYSTM line contains a variety of cases so you can find one that suits you. The Chisel is just one of three iPhone 5 options and can be purchased online at for $34.95. The SYSTM line also offers cases for iPhone 4 models and the Galaxy S III.

Mophie juice pack PRO outdoor edition

Source: MophieWhether on a trail for a day or a month, phone battery can be a worry. Mophie has an answer for that. The juice pack PRO offers users the ability to carry an additional 1.5 charges for their phone. An easily accessible switch allows for the charge to be turned on or shifted to standby mode to save it for later.

The juice pack PRO tucks your phone into a series of layers consisting of the additional battery, a plastic covering and a rubber top layer. A screen protector is included, as well as another layer of screen protection connected to the case. Getting your phone in and out can take some time, but a peace of mind is felt with your phone stowed away in the case. All these layers are bulky and carrying the case in a pocket is not the most comfortable. On the trail though, you can toss your phone into your backpack. If bulk doesn’t bother you, the case can provide extra battery and secure protection every day, but if a fat phone is not for you, stick with this as a niche hiking case.

The app provided with the phone has its flaws. It does provide a basic service of having maps at hand and not struggling to hold your phone at different angles and heights hoping for a signal. Maintaining the GPS signal with the app, however, can work against your battery-saving case as it does drain battery.

The case is compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S and can be purchased for $149.95 at A one-year subscription to the app is offered free with the case. While there is no outdoor edition for iPhone 5, mophie does offer extended-battery cases for iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III.


Source: E-CaseE-Case protective cases are the perfect solution for outdoor enthusiasts who want to use their phone in wet conditions but don’t want to be committed to a bulky protective case as part of their every day routine.

The lightweight, portable sleeves can go anywhere with you and are easy to grab when they’re needed. E-Case cases are made in Seattle and deliver a combination of submersible, waterproof protection that allows access to your device’s features and functions in wet or gritty environments. Each case features high-clarity, supple windows for full touchscreen functionality, camera usage and undistorted audio. The easy-to-use SealLock zipper closures are dual-track and interlocking to provide guaranteed submersible protection. Die-cut lash points allow users to tether their device to their gear, packs or apparel on adventures.

Every E-Case case is individually tested to ensure that it meets the IPX7 electronics-industry standard of withstanding submersion in one meter of water for 30 minutes. Also available are audio-jack compatible iPhone 4 cases, iPad cases, and a variety of other smartphone cases.

E-Case iPhone Case, $24.95 at


Source: LifeproofLifeProof, a relatively recent entrant in the protective case market, was certainly not the first to market with bulletproof (well, not literally) cases, but it may be the best. The company water tests each and every unit it manufacturers, once (internally), and a second time through an external testing service, who also performs random additional testing to ensure that when you slide your iPhone into a LifeProof case, it will be protected.

Your iPhone 5 seals hermetically within the Frē’s protective shell, protecting it from sand, dirt, dust, grit, spit, snot, snow, and everything else you can throw at it (or it can fall into). It’s submersible to 6.5 feet for 30 minutes.

What distinguishes the Frē from its competitors are its mounts and accessories, that make it easier to use your iPhone virtually anywhere safely. Its neoprene-padded, comfy arm band makes paddling, skiing or trail running and listening to tunes synonymous. Use it at the pool to add a soundtrack to your usually monotonous workout (waterproof headphones required). That’s not your scene? Mount it to your bike, motorcycle, Jet Ski, or any other toy that has handlebars with the Bike + Bar Mount and listen to tunes while filming your bad self in action. Sorry Android owners, LifeProof cases are only available for Apple iPhones (and iPads) for now. The Frē can purchased online at for $79.99.