Discovery Channel Launches New Series: North America

By Heather Crowley

The Discovery Channel is unveiling its next major landmark series, titled North America. The episodes in the series exclusively focus on the wilds of the North American continent, from the lush jungles of Panama to desolate tundra of the Canadian high Arctic and everywhere in between. Made in the model of Planet Earth, Africa, Life and Frozen Planet, the program showcases dazzling panoramas and stories focusing on wildlife.

Combing the continent for extraordinary tales, the result has culminated in a seven-part series filled with drama, action and stunning scenic shots. The show premieres Sunday, May 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT and concludes on Sunday, June 16.

Narrator Tom Selleck provides an iconic voice that drives the information and story forward. Sweeping shots of Death Valley’s deserts and aerial shots of Denali’s peak allow viewers to catch a glimpse of the world they would otherwise never experience. Revolutionary shots—such as a grizzly bear diving underwater or a pika preparing her winter den—drive the series, leaving viewers with an untarnished view of nature.

Perhaps the most jarring portions are the sequences that pull on the heartstrings. From a gut-wrenching sequence involving a killer whale hunt to a mountain goat kit learning to cross treacherous waters, the series will have you finding yourself rooting for, giggling at and empathizing with its animal “characters”.

North America isn’t just about the animals. The show utilizes time-lapses of dramatic weather, such as lighting storms cracking across the desert sky and avalanches blasting down a mountainside.

The crew traveled the continent for over three years, while the entire series took much longer to complete. The one-hour episodes were pared down from over 850 hours of incredible footage shot over the course of 2,830 days on 250 unique treks and expeditions.

Although shots of mountain goats are impressive, the series doesn’t forget about the men and women who had to lug equipment up an icy rock ledge. It will feature one episode, entitled “Making Of”, that focuses exclusively on the challenges the crew faced. Natural disasters, freezing weather, extreme heat and curious bears were just a few of the obstacles the team had to contend with.

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Photo Caption: John Shier at Josephine Lake

Photo Credit: Discovery Channel