Take it to the Park!

The search for America's Favorite Park is on! This summer, make a difference in your community and cast your vote to help your favorite park win up to $100,000. Get outdoors, get active and turn that into votes in Coca-Cola’s nationwide contest for a recreation grant that can help restore, rebuild or enhance activity areas in your park.

No matter how big or how small, every park has an equal opportunity to win this summer. There are prizes for first, second and third place, with a wildcard grant for a random park ranked anywhere from 4th-25th place. Last year’s first prize winner was a local park in the small town of Prattville, Alabama. Devoted community members utilized social media and community events to help Pratt Park beat over 16,000 parks to win the grand prize. Despite the odds, Pratt Park won against famous national parks (like Yosemite and Yellowstone) because of the voters’ dedication to improvement in their community. While the grant was crucial in enhancing the park’s activities and services, the true reward was the teamwork and unity experienced by the Prattville community. This summer is your time to shine! Rally your family and friends together this summer to make your park the next to win big!

There are three ways to cast your vote in Coca-Cola’s Take it to the Park contest! First, earn one vote now online at Coca-Cola’s Take it to the Park website. Second, check-in at your favorite park through Foursquare and earn five votes. And third, score 10 points for your favorite park by logging in 20 minutes of physical activity with MapMyFitness. Make your votes count twice during the Double Vote Days during the last weekend of voting from July 13-14.

This summer, support your local park with Coca-Cola’s Take it to the Park contest. Ready, set, VOTE!

Image courtesy of Coca-Cola


I stayed at Baker Bay campground this last weekend.  Space 1.  On Sunday, we had the pleasure of visiting with Teresa, 1/2 of the camp hosts :-).  We visited for quite a bit when she asked if the girls and I would like to learn how to paddle board.  She spent hours teaching myself and my girls how to paddle board and had the patience of a saint.  This was my girls first camping trip.  Because of her, they will never forget this trip.  I for one would like to thank her again for the hospitality she showed.  I should also say that Joe was great too!  I spent more time with Teresa then him.  He was zipping around the park checking on everyone!  I can't wait to go back.......