Gear Review: Snow Peak Hybrid Trail Cookset

Snowpeak Hybrid Trail CooksetSome of the most important features of trail cookware are portability and functionality, and the Snow Peak Hybrid Trail Cookset offers both of these. On a recent backpacking trip, the set preformed wonderfully and added less than half a pound to the weight of my pack.

The entire set weighs in at just 7.9 ounces, and packs down to a compact 5.5 by 2.25 inches. The bowl-shaped pot and frypan, which doubles as a pot lid, are made of titanium, which is extremely light and functional. Rounded bottom edges on the inside of the pot and frypan improve heating efficiency and are easy to clean. Best of all, the pot and pan have handles that fold in flat against the sides, contributing to the compactness of the cookset.

It’s easy enough to eat right out of the pan, but an additional silicone bowl also comes in handy for eating out of or for sharing dinner with a campmate. The bowl can be folded, flipped and crammed and it will always bounce back to its original shape and is temperature-resistant to 446°F. An included compact titanium spork does the work of two utensils and fits right inside the pot for easy packing. The set is completed by a lightweight nylon mesh storage bag with drawstrings. Happily, the nesting cookset items have a shape that perfect for storing a fuel canister, too (not included).

The cookset is available at a slightly higher pricepoint than other sets on the market, but the lightweight features and included extras make it worth the splurge.

Snow Peak Hybrid Trail Cookset: $55.95 at