Hiker Essentials from Coghlan’s

Coghlan's Hiker EssentialsGetting ready for a hike? Here are a few great small but important pieces of gear to take with you. Coghlan’s, a family owned company has been making outdoor gear for more than 50 years, offers several safety items that are easy to throw in your pack in case you need them. Some of our favorites are their fire starter and emergency survival horn.

Be prepared! It’s always good to carry fire starter in case something unexpected happens and you’re on the trail longer than you’d planned. The Magnesium Fire Starter is lightweight, packs away easily and should provide sufficient shavings to start hundreds of fires.

Another item we recommend carrying is the Emergency Survival Horn. It operates with the simplicity of a mouth horn and blasts out sound that can up to 120 decibels—or about as loud as a jet engine! The side of the horn is printed with the Morse code dot-dash combination for the “SOS” distress signal—a handy feature during an emergency. A black break-away lanyard makes it easy to carry or tie to a pack.

In addition to these great safety accessories, we always love a new piece of gear that helps protect our treasured tech gadgets. Grab a Dry Pouch, available in three sizes, to keep your valuables safe when boating, kayaking, exploring during rainy weather, or even heading out for a day at the beach. Throw your phone or camera inside, seal the pouch, and stop worrying about your beloved electronics getting ruined! The pouch is made of touch screen-sensitive plastic, so you can use your device without taking it out, and the included neck strap and carbineer make it easy to keep your device handy for taking photos and posting your adventures on Instagram before you even reach the shore! A huge bonus: the dry pouch floats for easy retrieval if you do manage to drop it in the water.