Erika's Favorite Park: Devils Postpile National Monument

Today I discovered a fascinating park in California called Devils Postpile National Monument! Located in the heart of California's Sierra Nevada, the Devils Postpile formation is a rare sight in the geologic world and ranks as one of the world's finest examples of columnar basalt. Its columns tower 60-feet high and display an unusual symmetry.

It's hard to believe, but those enormously beautiful basalt formations that we see today are only a fraction of the size of the original lava flow formation that once filled this valley. Natural processes, especially glaciers, have eroded the rest. I hope to see this magical park in person one day!



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Part of my job here at American Park Network involves finding incredible, awe-inspiring photos of parks around the country. Some of these images literally take my breath away! As I’m doing photo research, every so often you might hear a gasp of excitement or exclamation of “Woah!” coming from my side of the room. I discover places that I never knew existed in this great, big, beautiful country and I quite literally fall in love with a different park every single day!

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