Erika's Favorite Park: Lassen Volcanic National Park

Today, the most interesting park I discovered is Lassen Volcanic National Park in California!

This beautiful destination in the northern part of the state is not quite like anything I've seen. It has everything from smoking fumaroles to meadows freckled with wildflowers to crystal clear lakes...and of course, numerous volcanoes! All four types of volcanoes in the world are found in this park. I would love to get the chance to visit this amazing place one day!


About this Blog:

Part of my job here at American Park Network involves finding incredible, awe-inspiring photos of parks around the country. Some of these images literally take my breath away! As I’m doing photo research, every so often you might hear a gasp of excitement or exclamation of “Woah!” coming from my side of the room. I discover places that I never knew existed in this great, big, beautiful country and I quite literally fall in love with a different park every single day!

This blog series will allow me to share some of favorite destinations with you as I discover the beauty of America from behind my computer screen. Some places will be well known, some will be hidden gems, but either way I hope to help you discover some incredible new parks!