Boise National Forest

Big Creek Summit Trail

This trail is extremely difficult to follow for the first 1.3 miles because of a faint to non-existant trail tread. The next 1.2 miles has a fair trail tread with one 0.2 mile section across an open granite slope without a tread. The last 0.6 miles have a patchy trail tread. Be sure you have a compass, the Gold Fork Rock topography map, and the knowledge to use them. Pink and black flagging was used in 1989 to mark the trail. If these still exist, try to follow the flagging as well. The trail starts in a small meadow with an old cabin. From the top of the first ridge to the second ridge, there are good views down Six-Bit Creek drainage into the South Fork Salmon River drainage. Farther along the trail are good views down to the Warm Lake Highway. The trail starts 0.1 mile up the trail (the old road to Gold Fork Rock) at the unmarked trailhead. There is a short spur road to the right off of the trail, which accesses a large hunting camp close to an old cabin. The trail starts here and heads south through a meadow. When it reaches a stream, it turns east and skirts the north edge of the stream through the trees. The trail then climbs the hillside, crosses a stream at 0.7 mile, and arrives at the top of a ridge at 1.3 miles. After this first ridge, the trail drops down to a saddle between Six-Bit Creek and Johnson Creek, and climbs back up to another ridge at 1.8 miles. The trail drops gently as it crosses an open granite slope and arrives at a stream crossing at 2.5 miles. From this point, the trail drops sharply to a creek at 3.1 miles. The trail climbs out of the creek to FS road 497A.