Boise National Forest

Jennie Lake Trail

The entire trail is suitable for the whole family or elderly folks with a travel time as short as 2 hours for the ambitious hiker. There are no creek crossings, but there are several places where springs cross the trail tread. All of them can be easily stepped over. Going through the last meadow, the trail leaves the creek quite a ways before circling back around the lake. Cairns are in place throughout the meadow, so the trail is easily located as one travels. There are several locations along the trail where the creek is nearby, making for enjoyable rest spots. A elevation stream ecosystems through forested areas, meadows, and finally the high alpine lake environment. The lake provides opportunities for fishing with its population of trout species. Several dispersed camp sites are located around the lake's perimeter, some with existing fire rings. There is a large camp site on the far side of the lake, large enough for groups of 15-20 with several small tents. There are places for pack animals or horses to graze, but keeping them away from the delicate shoreline is essential. Water is not suitable for drinking without prior treatment. Please select a spot at least 100' from the lake and any other open water for human waste and waste water.