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One of the most undisturbed natural areas of Gateway National Recreation Area, Breezy Point Tip is an isolated peninsula beach in New York City. This wild westernmost tip of Rockaway Peninsula, transferred to the National Park Service in 1972, features beach, bay shoreline, sand dunes, marshes and coastal grasslands.

Breezy Point offers the perfect destination for scenic walks on the pristine beaches, against a backdrop of distant Manhattan vistas. The coast here is also popular with fishermen from the tri-state area, who flock to its beaches to catch striped bass, blue fish and summer flounder.

Map of Breezy Point

Latitude, Longitude: 40.549160, -73.937640



  • Bird Watching

    During summer the isolated ocean beach at Breezy Point serves as an important nesting area for the threatened piping plover, which due to conservation efforts by NPS and others, are increasing in number every year. Also found at the beach are the roseate tern, least tern, common tern, black skimmer, and the american oystercatcher. In the spring and fall the Breezy Point Tip serves as a stop-over for migrating shorebirds.


The New York metropolitan area experiences four distinct seasons. Temperatures are moderate in the spring and fall, but range into the 90s during the summer to below freezing in winter.

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(718) 338-3799