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Annadel State Park


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The park, 60 miles north of San Francisco on the eastern edge of Santa Rosa offers miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking, and trail riding.

For wildflower lovers, Annadel Park offers a great variety of flowers from early Spring until early Summer, especially on a hike around Lake Ilsanjo. The best months to see the park's wildflowers are April and May, but there are some plants in bloom as early as January and as late as September.

Fishing Lake Ilsanjo offers excellent fishing for black bass and bluegill. Black bass weighing nine pounds and more have been caught here. A purple plastic worm is a favored bait for the bass, while the bluegill favor garden worms, small crayfish, and grubs. If you are 16 years of age or older, you must have a California fishing license. Ledson Marsh dries up by late August or early September and so no fish are found there.

Map of Annadel (CA)

Latitude, Longitude: 38.426673, -122.613131



  • Bicycling

    Horses and bicycles are allowed only on designated trails. Off-trail riding is not permitted.

  • Camping

    There is no camping in the park. Fires, campstoves, and barbecues are not allowed.

    Campsites are available at the county campground at Spring Lake and at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, about ten miles east of Annadel via Highway 12 and Adobe Canyon Road.

  • Fishing

    With a California fishing license, black bass and bluegill fishing is permitted.

  • Hiking

    With mant different types of play communities it is possible to experience many different kinds of environments and to see a wide range of birds and other wildlife while hiking the trails of Annadel State Park.

  • Horseback Riding

    Horses and bicycles are allowed only on designated trails. Off-trail riding is not permitted.

  • Off Highway Vehicles

    Motor vehicles are allowed only on the entrance road and in the parking lot within the park.

  • Picnicking

    Picnicking is encouraged with some lakeside picnic areas.


Temperatures during the Summer are in the 80s and 90s. Wintertime highs are in the 50s.

Rainfall averages about 30 inches a year, most of it during the winter and early spring.

Snow is quite rare, and there is little fog.



The park is east of Santa Rosa and south of Highway 12 on Channel Drive via Montgomery Drive. 6201 Channel Drive Santa Rosa, California, 95409

Phone Numbers


(707) 539-3911