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In the early 1900's Dry Lagoon was drained by early farmers and several types of crops were attempted but none proved economical. Several dairy ranches were established along the shores of Stone Lagoon.

Later, when the highway was improved, a motel-restaurant called the "Little Red Hen" was located next to the lagoon. This business continued in operation until 1979. The restaurant building was remodeled into a museum and park office and is now the Humboldt Lagoons Visitor Center and bookstore.

Today the marshland habitat has returned and supports a rich variety of marsh plants, birds and other animals. There are day use only picnic areas at the visitor center and at the north end of Stone Lagoon on the beach. The park offers boating, fishing, beach combing, hiking.

Bring your own boat and enjoy exploring lagoon. At the beach you have access to six miles of beachcombing, bird watching, whale watching, agate hunting. There is also a three mile Coastal Trail.

Map of Humboldt Lagoons (CA)

Latitude, Longitude: 41.219469, -124.102764



  • Boating

    Bring your own boat and enjoy exploring the lagoon.

  • Camping

    First-come, first-served camping. For more information on fares, amenities, and locations, feel free to call Humboldt Lagoons SP offices in advance.

  • Fishing

    For more fishing information and conditions in the lagoons, contact Humboldt Lagoons SP offices.

  • Hiking

    Hikers can choose from several hiking routes. Hiking along sandspit is 6 miles round trip; to Big Lagoon County Park is 8.5 miles round trip; and to Patrick's Point State Park is 10 miles round trip.

  • Hunting

    Hunting is not allowed.

  • Picnicking

    There are day use only picnic areas at the visitor center and at the north end of Stone Lagoon on the beach.

  • Water Sports

    Bring your own boat and enjoy exploring the lagoon. Windsurfing is also popular.


Humboldt Lagoons SP tends to be Coastal/Temperate in weather. Summer is foggy, cool and damp, with temperatures averaging 50-60 degrees. Winter temperatures average 40-50 degrees with a 60" annual rainfall occurring mostly November - May. Spring and Fall are typically very nice. Bring warm/layered clothing.

Park Partners

North Coast Redwoods Interpretive Association

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Redwood Parks Association is a Cooperating Association to Redwood National and State Parks, California State Parks, and the U.S. Forest Service.

Sales at the eleven retail stores in the Parks, online sales, memberships, and special events such as the Discovery Ride, Astronomy Seminar and Candlelight Walk, generate funding for development of interpretive facilities such as visitor centers, improvement of interpretive programs and equipment, design and construction of exhibits, displays, training opportunities, and publications of informative pamphlets, park maps, and brochures.

The Redwood Park Association has recently merged with the North Coast Redwood Interpretive Association to become the new Redwood Parks Association (RPA). Both associations have a long history of funding interpretive staff, events, exhibits, signage, and publications in state and federal parks and public lands on California's north coast.

The Redwood Park Association has been in existence for twenty five years and the North Coast Redwood Interpretive Association has supported the Parks for thirty four years. As a merged organization with a combined fifty nine years of experience, the Redwood Parks Association will become even stronger and offer even more support to interpretation for park visitors.

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Location/ Directions 40 miles north of Eureka and 55 miles south of Crescent City, CA on Highway 101.


The closest major airport to Humboldt Lagoons SP is Sacramento International Airport, approximately 211 miles away. From there, car rental services are available. For more information, call 916-929-5411.

Public Transportation

Humboldt Transit Authority offers public transportation along the northern California coast, including through Trinidad. For more information on fares and scheduling, call 707-443-0826.

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(707) 488-2169