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Los Osos Oaks State Reserve, a 90-acre grove of dwarfed, 800-year-old coast live oaks, occupies an ancient dune habitat eight miles west of San Luis Obispo and five miles east of Morro Bay. This centuries-old oak woodland protects an unusual variety of plants, animals and biotic communities. Explore the cool, quiet surroundings of these moss-draped, fantastically gnarled trees, and let their enchantment surround you.

Map of Los Osos Oaks State Natural Reserve (CA)

Latitude, Longitude: 35.307981, -120.818882



  • Bird Watching

    Birds that visit the grove include acorn woodpeckers, Anna's and Allen's hummingbirds, western flycatchers, common flickers, California thrashers, California quail and brown towhees. Mourning doves, Brewer's blackbirds and dark-eyed juncos are common grassland species. Red-tailed hawks, American kestrels, barn owls and great horned owls are among bird predators.

  • Hiking

    An easy, flat system of trails covers about 1.5 miles. Visitors can see the beautiful oaks up close, as well as the wildlife that calls those trees home.


The weather can be changeable in a Mediterranean zone, with warm, dry, and breezy conditions (60's-80's degrees F) and colder, damper winter conditions (30's-60's degrees F); layered clothing is recommended.

Park Partners

Central Coast Natural History Association

The Central Coast Natural History Association supports education and interpretation activities in the San Luis Obispo Coast District parks, including Morro Bay State Park and the Museum of Natural History, Montana de Oro, Morro Strand State Beach, Los Osos State Reserve, Pismo State Beach and the State's newest park, Estero Bluffs.

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The reserve is located on Los Osos Valley Road in the Los Osos Valley, just outside the town of Los Osos, about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.


The closest major airport to Los Osos Oaks SNR is San Jose International Airport, approximately 152 miles away. From there, car rental services are available. For more information, call 408-392-3600.

Public Transportation

Morro Bay Transit offers public transit in the Morro Bay-Los Osos area. For more information on fares and scheduling, call 805-772-2744.

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(805) 772-7434