Palomar Mountain State Park

Doane Valley Nature Trail

Welcome to the Doane Valley Nature Trail at Palomar Mountain State Park. This easy 1-mile trail offers you an opportunity to relax and enjoy one of California?s finest natural outdoor areas. This guide will help you make the most of your walk, with information about some of the plants and natural features you will see along the trail. The Doane Valley Nature Trail is a great place to see the wide variety of plants that grow in this region and to learn about their characteristics, their habitats, and the many ways they have been
used by people over time. Most of the trail is an easy walk. However, there are two stream crossings and a few steep areas. Remember to be safe, and leave any plants or animals you see for the next person to enjoy.


The park is off Highway 76, up Highway S6, then left on Highway S7 at the junction near the mountaintop.